Who We Are

The BrassTacs digital publications is a Veteran owned digital platform to bring our readership with unbiased information pertinent to shooting sports, tactical operators, Survivalists and Outdoor professionals and enthusiasts alike. We strive to bring you the most unapologetic and unfiltered reviews pertaining to firearms and the Pro 2A lifestyle, we cut the crap and get right down to business. There are plenty of publications out there who base their content off of advertisements. The BrassTacs isn't one of them; we are a sounding board for manufacturers, professionals and enthusiasts...no matter their size or popularity to get their product seen and reviewed. Every review that we do will be accompanied by imagery or video that is taken professionally and in good taste. The BrassTacs is not a cookie cutter publication where every article reads the same. Our contributors are people who actually use the products they review; in real world scenarios. Some come from the Special Operations communities in both Military and Law Enforcement, others are professionals within the industry, while some are simply enthusiasts that can shoot and write!  They are considered subject matter experts among many spaces. Our content is genuine and is checked for technical accuracy prior to publishing. Lets get down to The BrassTacs!