Who We Are

The BrassTacs is a special interest publication that creates long form, photo, and video content through perspective driven reviews. Our content is organic and unique to the exact purpose of the subject matter specifically pertaining to firearms and outdoor and tactical lifestyle. We create value, with value! Our job as media is to forge through the fluff and transfer information about products to manufacturers customer base; absent unrealistic expectations and testing processes. We do not pander, and independent, yet monetize through content that brings print professionalism with digital gratification. Each piece of content highlight products pertinent information in technical specifications from our point of view. We do not paint all products with the common "broad stroking brush". From nose to toes, we highlight products in their exact intended end use; in fit, fire, function, and financials. The BrassTacs is a team of respected and relevant contributors within the industry. Our team is made up of special operators from various branches of the Military and Law Enforcement Agencies, Outdoorsmen and women, competition shooters and firearms enthusiasts. Each member of our team brings their own unique experiences that are infused with their content. We are all eternal constitutionalists and students of the gun. We never quit learning and strive to educate along the way! Let's get down to The BrassTacs!