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Okay…Maybe not a game changer so much as a mind changer. For us, the flurry of bad press surrounding the Sig Sauer P320 was essentially noise. Not because we don’t have our fingers on the pulse of the industry, or that we are such fan people of Sig that we didn’t believe the accusations of inferior manufacturing and the myriad of slamming (pardon the pun) that has been going on. We didn’t pay too close of attention to the noise because of the context of what started it all.

The 320’s trigger pull and reset is efficient for rapid engagements and follow up shots out of the box

We are practical people…Practical in our reviews, our opinions, and our end-use application; especially as it pertains to guns. We like what we like but often leave ourselves open to new ideas and “things”. So beating the crap out of a firearm to prove a point was again…nothing but noise to us. Nonetheless, we laid in the cut and monitored the situation closely…until now!

Problem Solved

Disconnectors, lite triggers…whatever the issue was with the P320 “erroneously” firing [when struck with a hammer or dropped multiple times a specific angles] has been fixed. Whether it be to an “upgrade” by the manufacturer or a deliberate recall…in either case, the internet is still trying to make (whatever it’s called) fail.

Aside from the so-called problems with Sig, we have no reason to believe that they haven’t rectified an issue. Our problem [up to about 3 months ago] lies within the EDC category. Again, we like what we like, but after carrying a specific striker gun and 1911’s for quite some time, we were in need of change.

We switched between compact pistols that housed 14 rounds and subcompact pistols that carry 7 (with one in the pipe). Adequate enough…Once Sigs 320 compact showed up…our ideal carry pistol changed.

To the feel, the P320C was as close to perfect as we could get. There was no need for reduction and texturing of the grip, and its “undercut” trigger guard was accommodating, even to our sausage like knuckles. Out of the box, we cycled the pistol to ensure that it was unloaded and clear before pulling the trigger. Its trigger broke clean and smooth right out of the box. We saw [and still see] no need for an aftermarket replacement or adjustment to be had. Granted, the trigger is not that of an aftermarket ZEV that we have installed into many other EDC pistols, however, abundantly adequate with how we will employ the pistol. Prior to shooting, we tested the 320C trigger weight against our Feather River Sports manual trigger gauge and we found that it broke cleanly at a consistent 7 lbs. We again measured the pull after 250 and then again at 500, which resulted in no deviation one way or the other.

Our initial impressions with the 320C other than trigger function was positive. Its grip was present, the SigLite night sights were clear as any night sights we have used, and the ambidextrous slide release served its purpose well; regardless of what hand we decide to shoot with. The pistols balance unloaded, was balanced and rigid that ultimately led us to believe that live fire shooting would be manageable.

Range Time

After being out of the country for a few months, coming home to the have the 320C to test and evaluate was exciting in itself, but what we found while shooting was completely unexpected. Yes, we did the typical accuracy testing and then let Labradar evaluate what the bullet was doing in flight and once it slammed into its target. We mention it with every pistol article. We do not spend a significant amount of time testing anything outside of its intended use. A pistol [unless specified] is not intended for distance shooting. The adjective here is COMPACT, meaning…its 3” barrel isn’t going to be that of a 26” Proof Research barrel, spitting a 6.5 Creedmoor out to a mile or better. We obtained accuracy groups at defense distance, to illustrate the sheer effectiveness of the platform.

Our accuracy results were a bit surprising, to say the least. The 320C performed better [in terms of accuracy] from all tested distances of 10, 12, and 15 yards with lighter rounds. We loaded the 320C with Sigs 147gr +P V-Crown ammo that spread the calipers to an average of 2” after adding up all the results. Remington’s 124gr Ultimate Defense load performed better than Sigs with an average of 1.81 inches combined between 45 rounds and three distances. Hornady’s 115gr Critical Defense ammo reigned supreme from the defensive distances we shot from. With little variation between yard lines, the lighter FTX round recorded an average of just over 1 inch.  Yes, ballistic-ally, a lighter round may not do as much “damage” terminally, but according to LabRadar’s kinetic energy reading, Hornady carried 578 ft-lbs (foot-pounds) at 12 yards and the 147gr V-crown recorded 212. Translation…115 grains is adequate for defense!

The 320’s performed better with lighter ammo at all tested distances

Though the differences in accuracy and ballistics were vast, in results between the loads we tested, the fit and fire aspects were all the same. Every round we fed into the 320C fired and didn’t cause malfunction. The true test of functionality will come with our practical application testing of Atlanta Arms 124 grain ball ammunition.

Shooting Steel

We loaded the two magazines with our “range” ammo. A mixture of 124 and 115gr ball ammo by Atlanta Arms and Winchester [White Box]. We set up the Steel Defense Target and tucked the 320C into a BlackPoint Tactical AIWB holster. It has been a while since we put ourselves on a timer for record, so a couple dry iterations of drawing were in order.

Once we felt comfortable that we would not fumble around as we drew from a concealed holster, we set our par time of 2 seconds on our CED7000 personal shot timer. Drawing from the holster felt smooth, we had to re-accommodate our muscle memory of the past. By the end of the 2nd magazine, smooth clearing and draw to two effective rounds on target were as fluid as the functioning if the pistol itself. Our splits ranged between .09 and .12 when our hand placement wasn’t correct. There is no doubt that after about 30 rounds of practice and learning the consistent trigger braking the 320C’s trigger will help the shooter achieve faster splits between rounds.

The BlackPoint Dual Point holster enabled smooth draw and fast rounds on target throughout our testing

Once we had a confident feel for the trigger and how the 320 functioned, we reduced our par time to 1.5 seconds. BlackPoint tactical holsters are some of the most durable and well put together holsters we have gotten our hands on. Drawing from cover and rounds to target was smooth and we didn’t experience drag or sticking points at any point during our draw. By the end of our testing, our par times were reduced to sub 1 second with a 1st round break.


We tested the pistols fit, fire and function with a BlackPoint AIWB holster. It is now time to test the pistol [and holsters] comfort. We were fortunate enough to accompany a group of badasses on a motorcycle ride from Dallas, Texas all the way into Las Vegas for SHOT Show 2018.

Photo By: Sheri Johnson of ERA3

The kicker to Destination Nowhere is the fact that this trip was done on motorcycles; Harley Davidsons to be exact. The Patriotic company sponsored riders, to directly benefit Tomahawk Charitable, one of the only 100% in/100% out non-profit organizations. Whose sole purpose in life is to help veterans and patriots. Three of which were veterans and the other two; a couple fun-loving dudes who ride BMX and are as patriotic as they come and love America…Unconditionally! Throughout the trip, Sigs 320C stayed tucked away, and didn’t hinder our movement whether it be riding the 2018 Road King or sitting around BSing about life and the pursuit of happiness!

The BrassTacs

For us, we stayed firm in putting aside all of the naysaying and rumor millings until some sort of correction was made to the 320 platforms. The more we as an industry get wrapped around the proverbial axel in he said, she said; or the unrealistic “reviews” of certain products we will soon find ourselves in a much more vicarious spot than we are in now.

We waited until the smoke cleared before we gave the 320 our fair shake. We didn’t clamor for answers to questions in which we had no dog in the fight with…in fact, up to this point we had yet to get our hands on a 320…even at SHOT 2017 when the announcement of the DoD contract was announced. Primarily because the line was ridiculously long at Sigs range day…and we didn’t want to wait…shortly thereafter the hammered reviews [see what we did there] started circulating.

Once we finally got to put rounds down range, it is safe to say that this pistol will be purchased from Sig and will be a staple in our BlackPoint holster. The 320C is competitively priced to many of the other [reputable] striker guns on the market. Its MSRP sits below $700 which is pretty impressive since Sig is typically proud of their products. The “street price” [relax anti-gunners…its an expression…meaning other than MSRP] is around $579 which makes the pistol that much more desirable.

The Dual Point AIWB holster is adjustable that connects to an extra mag holder by a genuine leather that fits snug against the body.

What you get out of the box with the P320C is a ready to go defensive pistol. Absent frills, and more importantly, the affirmation that the pistol remains safe while carrying and shooting! This pistol is a pleasure to take to the range and practice with also. Magazine capacity is that of many “tactical” pistols so virtually any course of fire is attainable while training or plinking! There is no need to punch night sights, install triggers or aftermarket “extended” slide locks as Sig has done that for you at the factory.  The profile and rake of the gun are not too aggressive like we have experienced with Sigs P226. Acquiring sites is easy and pulling the trigger to a controlled break is effortless.

The Sig 320C and Dual Point holster are a perfect combo for those who want a less printing EDC rig

Sig P320C Vital Specs (TESTED)

Type Striker Fired, Semi-Automatic
Caliber 9mm
Barrel Length 3”
Overall Length 6.50”
Width [grip] 1.35”
  • 1.06”
    Weight 1lb 8oz [Unloaded]
    Carry Weight 2lbs [Hornady 115gr Critical Defense, FTX]
    Sights SigLite tritium night sights
    Finish FDE Anodized
    Trigger [tested] 7lbs
    MSRP $679
    Manufacturer Sig Sauer


    BlackPoint Tactical Dual Point AIWB

    Type AIWB
    Material Kydex/Leather
    Extras Mag Pouch
    Loop 1.5/1.75”
    OWB 1.5/1.75” Metal Strut loop
    Color Kryptek Highlander
    Adjustments Ride Height Adjustments
    Weight [Empty] 5oz
    Carry Weight 2lbs – 10oz
    MSRP $99.00
    Manufacturer BlackPoint Tactical

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