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A must have a piece of equipment to add to your go bag or prepper stash (besides the tin foil hat), would be a screening or signaling device. The U.S. military refers to this device as the M18 military smoke grenade and its primary use is for such. I have used more smoke grenades than I can count; both offensive and defensive or simply marking HLZ’s for friendly and civilian pilots. Before we get drug into the rabbit hole of “what ifs” there are details of a new, civilianized product that is easy to acquire and offer the vast capabilities that canisters of past provide.

Dropping Bombs

The Enola Gaye EG18 was initially designed and manufactured for the Paintball, and Airsoft to simulate combat, minus…the….combat. Once discovered, we saw the EG18’s potential in our survival needs. The EG18 is a little smaller than an M18, significantly lighter, features a wire pull ignition system and is significantly less expensive than paying almost $100 bucks for a military M18. Knowing what I know now, and having used just about every variant of the M18 in my former life; a civilian version that directly competes would have never been in the scope of possibility. A common misconception is that equipment that we considered “pyro” in the military is illegal to purchase on the civilian market, when in fact they are not! We discovered the EG18 2 years ago while cruising the google machine and it got my wheels turning. After a couple product background checks on YouTube, I hit the submit payment button while daydreaming about deploying one in my backyard.

The EG18’s fit comfortably in any pouch or compartment designed to fit appropriate gear

The EG18’s price point is less than $20.00 so you can continue to ball on that budget. Its all-around performance is right in line with what we have deployed in years past. Enola Gaye offers different variations of their smoke canisters. Whether your needs require small and compact deployment options, every color in the spectrum (tactical included) or you just need a canister that bellows more smoke than your A-Typical anti gun politician there is a solution for you.





Pop Smoke

The EG18 has a smoke production time frame of 100 seconds similar to that of the M18. Enola Gaye offers a larger option [politician analogy here] than the EG18 called the CM75R and SD75.

Enola Gaye offers a plethora of colors that we commonly deployed throughout government service

Oregon is infamous for its yearly search and rescue operations looking for missing or stranded hikers. Most of which, started the day with the intent to hike, had the appropriate gear and clothing but lacked some of the essential equipment needed if parameters changed such as weather, terrain or an injury. These search efforts are always spearheaded with some sort of aerial asset. If you are ever one of these victims and you are prepared with this light weight visual aid, a quick deployment of the EG18 is both costs effective yet life-saving.

Let’s flip the coin for all you like minded preppers out there, the EG18, properly implemented could afford you a temporary concealment advantage for mitigating known threats. For us, who have the backgrounds, simply helping a family evacuate during situations or coordination with an organized element concealing movements to better cover and neutralize whatever is going on. In our experience deploying smoke or other signaling devices can afford the enemy the same advantage, if you do your due diligence and have properly trained with this or any device simply making a plan and executing it, you will still gain and maintain the advantage to those who are ill-prepared. Due to the severe fire threat here in Oregon, we were unable to show the deployment of the EG18. For a quick video of the canister in action check it out.

Obscure The Objective

Overall, this is an extremely effective tool to have in your survival or EDC loadout. One of the best things about this product other than the capabilities are, most would never consider including them into their bug out or survival plan. The canisters are extremely effective, in whichever end use application you have in mind. Whether used for signaling or concealment, we will boldly go to say, that the EG18 can, and will stand up to most military grade/issued canisters we have used overseas.  Many overlook the “enabling” equipment that is pivotal to survival. Often, we focus on the guns, bullets, and food and not the things that provide the means to use them. Enola Gaye products offer the concealment and signaling potential, while not taking up an exorbitant amount of space within your bag or kit and they will not drain your pockets.


Enola Gaye EG18 Smoke Canister Vital Data

Type Cool Burn, Non-Toxic
Ignition Wire Pull
Duration 90 Seconds
Colors White, Black, Purple, Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green
Weight .60 lbs
Demensions 4.5×2 Inches
Safe Distance 1 meter
MSRP $13.99
Manufacturer Enola Gaye

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  1. Thanks Matt! Just endured Hurricane Irma and having a couple of these in my go bag would have been a useful addition. We were under mandatory evacuation and there experienced high winds and some minor flooding. We dodged a bullet but did not encounter any life threatening conditions. These would have been handy if the situation had deteriorated!

    1. Roger,
      Our thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone affected by the storms that many Americans have endured the past couple weeks! We are happy to hear that you did not encounter anything too nasty! We appreciate you plugging in and giving the review a read, Rest assure that there will be a constant flow of survival centric content hitting the site very soon!

      Once you get settled, and back to normalcy, please send info@thebrasstacs.com a good address that we can get some swag out to ya!


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