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The “assault weapons” ban of 1994. An attempt by the OG Clinton [Slick Willy] administration to “curb violence” in the US. Anyone with half a brain saw and still sees through the rhetoric, but there are still some who want to snuff out our 2nd amendment rights. As we approach yet another election for house and senate, the anti-gunners are expected to rear their dirty little heads and campaign for “safer streets” by the preface of reinstating a similar ban [with more garbage] as the catastrophic failure from the 90’s. Starting with banning high capacity magazines…or as the uninformed like to call them…clips. A part of us want to believe that intentions are pure, but we know they’re not. As soon as something as tragic as what we recently witnessed in Las Vegas occurs, the agenda is pushed. We as gun people fall for it; Hook, Line, and Sinker. As soon as there is a sound byte released for someone of influential positioning or boasting of new laws…devices as simple as magazines fly off the shelves at hefty premiums. We are the only ones who can curb the gouging, but on the same token…there is the “what if” scenario…

What if frogs had wings, then they wouldnt slam their asses on the ground when they hop

At the end of the day, there are both needs and wants for magazines that house more than 10 rounds, the conversations surrounding each are nothing more than a severe case of wasting syllables.

We have seen and heard the arguments. John Kerry argued [we’re not kidding] that Al Qaeda authored a “terrorist handbook” that instructed its followers to come to America and buy Assault weapons and the magazines to go with them.  The typical “end around” tactic used by the left (anti-gunners) to tug on the heartstrings of those who elect them. 9/11 was still fresh in the minds of Americans [even if they have forgotten about it now] we have not! Obama pulled the same shit minutes after Sandy Hook Elementary was secure, calling for “sensible gun laws”, when in fact, the shithook that committed the atrocities was not legal to possess handguns as it was! Again…that side of the aisle tried to push an assault on our rights on the backs of the children who perished that day in Connecticut. For whatever reason, magazines seem to be just as villainized as guns…in either case, both ridiculous.

Feeding a Beast

Okay, let’s be honest. We have NEVER laid our eyes on a firearm that instantly scared the shit out of us. In fact, we have never shot one that scared us…100% of the time the opposite effect has taken place. So, we ask…what scares the people banging their pitchforks? A narrative that we hear frequently, that modern-day firearms have magazines that hold more ammo than they used to. Is this what we fear? A convenient approach to sport shooting; a method to ensure efficient warfighting or a means to self-defense? In any…literally any case the capacity a magazine holds, play no effect on the lethality of a firearm. The same argument can be made for modern automobiles

Modern research and manufacturing processes increase horse power, torque and overall speed of the car, thus making it more dangerous and can be the cause of deaths due to reckless driving, avid car collectors who tout about banning guns and magazines won’t peep a word about curbing idiots behind the wheels of cars.

Could a shithead expel more rounds without having the need to change magazines? Sure…but guess what, someone who is relegated to limited magazine capacity will work on quick and efficient magazine changes ultimately wielding the same or very similar results. Do we dare to go down the road of data and statistics? A clear majority of the time an active shooter does not typically get around to changing a magazine…because he or she is already ventilated aka whacked by Police or themselves. Before you say it…yes, there are instances where bad guys changed magazines…that is not because they were a bad ass…simply because someone with a gun to combat them was nowhere in sight. (Sandy Hook incident where a backpack full of  [10 round] pistol mags was present)

The above points could be used in arguing the grabbers communist perspective. We have heard everything from “If you’re that good, then why do you need 20 rounds, you can defend yourself with 5 or 10” to “Why would you not want to take the steps to make sure mass shootings don’t happen”.  None of which make a single syllable of sense. [To the first] An exorbitant sum of your tax dollars has been spent on us and people like us to train,  fight and unequivocally overwhelm people who threaten the American way of life. [To the second] limiting magazine capacity does nothing but add a layer of “feel good” to a subculture of psychopaths and savages. Wouldn’t it make more sense to foster a healthy subculture of responsible citizens who have pride in the country…State…County…or City in which they live, by simply empowering them to stay vigilant and ready to defend with necessary force?


High Capacity and The Evolution of Shooting

What makes shooting fun?…a million things are running through your heads. For us [me] the fact that jamming rounds into a magazine and ringing steel is a large part of it. The less time I spend at the loading table the better. Fighting wars with muskets and Springfield 1861’s is unfathomable in itself, let alone the time spent reloading. At that point, I would almost prefer to get behind a cannon or launch arrows. We have evolved and so has our industry!

Part of what makes the firearms industry one of most profitable in our country comes down to the people making the guns and everything that goes with them. The industry does not look the way it did in the say the 1950’s. The boom of technology and manufacturing processes alone springboarded us into the age of “SEMPER GUMBI” [always flexible]. Back then, wheel guns were the thing and manufacturers spared no expense in making them better. What value does anyone bring if they remain stagnant and didn’t offer their customers something new or did not make the experience with their more appealing, and further not staying relevant with the times? Since firearms have been a stitch in the fabric of our nation, evolving them is not only important but imperative.

Sig Sauer, Springfield Armory, Glock and as of late, Remington are paving the way for efficiency in their firearms starting with increased magazine capacity, without sacrificing the general characteristics of the weapon system. In a short time, we have witnessed magazine capacities increase from 14 rounds to [in Sigs TacOps case] almost a half of a box of 9mm in one magazine. In this instance, Sig gives you four mags with each TacOps. It is abundantly clear that the way forward had changed! My style of shooting hinges upon practicality, I rarely get excited about gimmicks, as firearms couldn’t be the furthest object from. Increased magazine capacity without taking away from the gun…is a win in my book.  With Sig, SA, Glock, and Remington at the helm…Were in good hands.


The TacOps P226 is a redesigned tactical pistol with everything you need to be efficient and effective

Sig Sauer P226 TacOpsA pistol that boasts more magazine space than anything we have seen in its class. Chambered in 9mm the pistol externally doesn’t appear to be any different than the P226 of old. Sig has simply extended its magazines by 6 and lengthened the grip to accommodate for better hand surface, fit and function. Sigs redesigned mags for this pistol hold 20 in the mag itself with 1 in the pipe for a total of 21 rounds…and you get 4 of them with the pistol. 81 rounds later,  more time training and less loading! End-use applications, ample rounds to get the job done…whatever it may entail.

Sig Sauer Extended Magazine vital Data
Caliber 9mm Luger
Weight 3.6 oz (unloaded) 12.6 oz (Hornady 135 gr. Critical Duty)
Length 5.5 inches
Capacity 20 rounds
Construction Stainless Steel
Included 4
MSRP $58.00
Manufacturer Sig Sauer

Sig TacOps hosts more rounds in a 9mm platform that we have ever seen, Sig out did itself with enabling its war fighters with more ammo increasing operational needs well above and beyond!

With the creation of a modular striker fired pistol, came more space in the stainless magazines, a need voiced by those who depend on the XD(M)

Springfield Armory XD(M) – Models vary, but our 9mm version comes with four-true 19 rounders. The Modular version of the XD will host 20 rounds out of the gate if you do not choose to buy extended slam pads increasing your capacity to 23 total rounds in the gun. For sake of argument, you will have 76 rounds stored on your person for duty, competitive matches or simply honing skills. Many Police agencies have transitioned to the XD(M), its increased magazine capacity was one feature that eased the decision-making process.

Springfield Armory XD(M) Magazine Vital Data
Caliber 9mm Luger
Weight 2.9 oz (unloaded) 11.5 oz (Hornady 135 gr. Critical Duty)
Length 4.9 Inches
Capacity 19 rounds
Construction Stainless Steel
Included 2
MSRP $34.00
Manufacturer  Springfield Armory

The P226 TacOps and XD(M) offer close to 100 rounds of ammo jammed and on your person out of the box

Glock 17 – Our “go to” for a host of reasons. It’s been the pistol that aided in keeping diplomats, presidents and our own asses safe for over 13 years. It has never failed us or anyone around us. This model’s standard capacity holds 17 plus 1 in the chamber. In all our time running the Glock 17, its magazine capacity never proved to be inadequate for what we needed it for. The pistol was always meant to be a sidearm or secondary means to mitigate threats. If you feel that 18 rounds aren’t enough, there are a host of aftermarket and OEM extenders available to bring your total count to 19 and 20 in each magazine. Out of the box, you are sitting at close to 70 rounds on your person…not bad!

Glock is a staple in our hard end use. Hosting 17+1 the magazine capacity is more than adequate for our needs

Glock 17 Magazine Vital Data
Caliber 9mm Luger
Weight 2.8 oz (unloaded) 11 oz (Hornady 135 gr. Critical Duty)
Length 4.5 Inches
Capacity 17 rounds
Construction Polymer/Steel
Included 3
MSRP $21.99
Manufacturer Brownells

Remington RP9 – A pistol that caught us completely off guard. The fact that Remington busted onto the striker pistol scene virtually un announced shocked the hell out of us. Albeit, we are glad that they did. One of the main selling points of the RP9 [next to affordability] is the 18+1 capacity it holds. The RP was not specifically designed for a hard end use category i.e tactical, concealed, or competition; rather than an affordable everyday shooter that can be carried comfortably if needed. The RP9 comes with 2 magazines, but are available for purchase directly from Remington.

The new release of the RP9 hosts 18 rounds in each magazine with 1 in the pipe, very efficient for the model Remington designed their striker pistol off of, reliability and affordability

Remington RP9 Magazine Vital Data
Caliber 9mm Luger
Weight 3.4 oz (unloaded) 11.6 oz (Hornady 135 gr. Critical Duty)
Length 4.9 Inches
Capacity 18 rounds
Construction Steel
Included 2
MSRP $34.99
Manufacturer  Remington Arms Company

Regardless of your application, the term “High Capacity” should be coined high efficiency! There are eight states that have managed to assault all the way through their citizen’s rights to bear arms by slapping unreasonable stipulations on inanimate objects. Resulting in an established a narrative for those who cannot think for themselves to just follow suit. California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii (for pistols only) Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York have all solidified their way at the top of the most un-American places to live within our borders! We are not discrediting responsible, law-abiding citizens who reside in these places, more so than the idiots who push crap through their legislative processes under false pretense and absent adult supervision.

We live and work out of Illinois; a state where most would consider just as communist as the aforementioned eight. If there was a close 9th, Illinois would be it. No, it is not because of the bottom 7/8ths of the state (anywhere below Chicago). The Windy city’s putrid stench for corruption and cronyism slapped its residents with an ordinance banning magazines greater than 10 rounds. Ole’ Rahm still mayors the bloodiest city in America. How are these bans working out for him? Anything to get on the front page of the Rolling Stone I guess? At the end of the day, regardless of the law, capacity or “sensible regulation”, reducing the number of rounds in any feeding device does absolutely NOTHING for public safety and cripples those who take pride in what those who came before us fought for. Inevitably we are going to legislate ourselves into a tailspin, the only thing that is going to keep some sort of order through it all are firearms and the responsible ones wielding them.

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