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The common CR123 Lithium Ion batteries have proven to be a reliable power source in flashlights and optics

We recently published an article titled “Own the Night”. A feature that covered the wide spectrum of overt uses with the LaserMax Spartan. We flipped the coin and are covering down on combatting threats from a covert standpoint. There are applications where one is superior to the other, and only end users can decide which is better suited, given other equipment and nightly use] [Historically, anything pertaining to NV (Night Vision) was, in most cases, unattainable. Simply due to price, availability or both. In recent past, NV has become more prevalent in defensive and survival spaces. Surefire has been an industry leader in everything from lights to suppressors for quite some time. During my time in Ranger Battalion, we relied on many of their products to ensure our success and survival. We put their X400V to the test here at home.

The SureFire Standard

The Surefire X400V is an adequate light source for tactical and defensive purposes, while mounted to any weapon

Surefire’s IR capable weapons light features a 350 Lumen white lamp for a wide range of applications at night. This light is a versatile general purpose accessory that was designed to help the end user identify and defeat most threats at varied distances. Its dual-spectrum use is “standardized” by an integral laser that is crystal clear. A quick rotation of the bezel toggles between white light and an Infrared flood.

With a simple rotation, the end user has the ability quickly switch between laser, light or both. The IR laser output is rated to <0.7 mW and the overall ruggedness and quality is great and exactly what you would expect from a company like SureFire. For this test, we mounted the X400V to a Glock 19 but will accommodate anything with a Picatinny rail section. We zeroed the laser at 25 meters by adjusting the recoil proof nylock screws for true POA/POI engagements. There are few companies out there who ensure that their lasers zero remains unaffected by recoil.
Throughout our testing, we stretched the IR laser and light capabilities to 65 meters. To keep the practical aspects of pistol shooting, we did not conduct a max range test with this laser/light combo. We do have plans to mount the combo to a rifle and stretch its legs.

We tested the X400V looking through dual ITT Pinnacle PVS14’s. A system that we have found to be extremely user-friendly and are not as hard on the pocket book as most dual tube systems out of the box. The dual 14s allow the end user to purchase at their own leisure when budgets allow.
At first glance, the X400V appears to be complicated, with the locking bezel, and toggle switch; For this review, I took people to the range with basic knowledge of firearms and no experience shooting at night and they are amazed by its effectiveness. Targets that were difficult for them to hit consistently during the day were much easier to hit at night by quick referencing the laser. Once familiar consistent and accurate rounds on target came as second nature.

Lasting Impressions

The X400V has versatile mounting options to accommodate both pistol and rifle.

The X400’s practicality? Some would say no, due to its price. We purchased the light and immediately put it to use. Whether you don’t have NVGs and plan to pick them up, or have any make or model, the X400V will come as a must have piece of gear. If you mind the threats that we often hear about, they happen at night. We have this setup and readily accessible for our home defense contingencies as well as our camping gear. Given the proper preparedness with this system, you can bring some clarity to an already murky and confusing situation. I am a firm believer in maintaining a high level of preparedness and we encourage other to as well. Products such as the X400V prove to be a necessity of tools that will drastically increase your chances of survival. The SureFire X400V IRc is truly a force multiplier and will give you an edge.

Type Weapons Mounted
Length 4 inches
Weight 4.8 oz (Batteries Included)
Battery 2x CR123
Run Time 2.5 Hours
Max Output 350 Lumens
Max Output (Laser) .7 Mw (20 HOURS)
Construction Weather Proof High-Grade Aluminum
MSRP $879.00
Cost to Value Rating 4 out of 5

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