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In an effort to address the wants and needs of the bolt action shooter,  a company has evolved, Alamo Precision Rifles, out of Hurst, Texas popped pinged our radar a year ago. I had the pleasure of meeting the owners Jason Davidson and Robert Waggoner at an event in Arizona last fall. I laid down behind every rifle they had, everything from 6.5 Creedmoor to 300 WM, and .338 Lapua were present, Alamo had about every caliber base covered in precision marksmanship. They shot well…Extremely well. The guns performed as any discerning shooter would expect. The difference is that APR’s guns won’t completely leave you unable to make your truck payment after you buy it, or settling for a substandard optic to mount.


I don’t expect to pay less than $3800 to $4500 for a custom bolt action rifle these days; especially when the quality of craftsmanship behind them is becoming more efficient and effective. In fact, I’ve accepted these price points as the norm. Imagine my surprise when discovering that APR makes guns that provide the same high levels of accuracy and attention to detail craftsmanship; but and they have color choices, but with a starting price of $1700. APR is committed to making custom precision bolt action rifles that are more attainable, to more people. After one outing with APR, I can confidently say that you don’t need to spend $3,500 to get a rock solid built, reliable, and accurate bolt action rifle, which ultimately,  you will be proud to strut at the range.


If you peruse Instagram do yourself a favor and look up Alamo Precision Rifles. On their page, your eyes will be treated to their rifle of the day, which showcases a different rifle every day which includes particular [need to know] specifications. If you are in the market, or after looking at their products, decide that you need an Alamo Precision Rifle, you will get an idea of everything they offer. The selections are beautiful and lust-worthy so be careful, you may find yourself spending more time here than expected. There is much to talk about with APR especially when you consider the quality of their products, the breadth of their offerings, and maybe most importantly, the incredible people that run the company.


I remember a time when you wanted to buy a quality gun, and unfortunately had put up with how that company or manufacturer treated you before, during, and after the purchase process. In some cases all was great until you gave up your dollars, then the honeymoon was over.  Maybe you received the gun and something was “off”, so you called the manufacturer only to be treated as though you had insulted them—or maybe the company was asshole-ish from the start, but you wanted the product anyway—so, you overlooked their despicable behaviors, much like that one person you wanted to date although your gut (and friends) told you it wouldn’t work out.


This is yet one reason why competition in the marketplace is of utmost importance and goes well beyond competitive pricing. I believe in avoiding those companies that act as if their gun lube doesn’t stink and the ones that pretend it’s a privilege for you to be able to buy and own their guns and nowadays…products. If I’m knowingly aware of their poor corporate attitude and customer service practices, I’m out. That said, APR is one of the most refreshing entities in the industry at this time. I’ve spent considerable time around the folks of APR and their associates. They can put on a strong act for a while but sooner or later they will show your ass. These guys are apparently ass-less.

The Next Big Thing in Precision

A perfect match between Curtis Custom and Alamo Precision Rifles is the force multiplier that drives the value well above price

I wish I had time to go into more detail on APR as a company but what you need to know is that they are poised to offer shooters a new bolt action receiver. A receiver that APR says rivals the best offerings on the market today, with equivalent or tighter tolerances, attention to detail, unmatched features, and at a price that is extremely competitive. It’s called the AXIOM. The AXIOM is manufactured by Curtis Custom, which is owned by a gentleman named Chase Curtis and is available exclusively from Alamo Precision Rifles.

Naturally, the AXIOM is a replacement for the Remington 700 receiver. But it boasts an impressive list of features. The AXIOM is cut from a single piece of 416 stainless steel with a raceway that is EDM laser machined, so the surfaces look and feel very clean. It’s high-quality look and feel offer consistency that I have not seen in a while. The bolt handle is one piece and each AXIOM comes with a bolted and pinned Picatinny rail that is available in 0,10, 20, 30, and 40 MOA heights. A 20 MOA is standard on the AXIOM.


The bolt stop design is excellent, utilizing a retention pin that is horizontally oriented as opposed to the traditional vertical orientation. The horizontal orientation on the AXIOM takes stress off the pin, decreasing the chances of catastrophic failure. The bolt stop is a hard piece that moves within its own channel in the receiver, held in place near the top, by this pin. It operates smoothly, a simple press on the upper portion of the stop for easy removal of the bolt. The AXIOM has a much desired 3-lug bolt with a 60-degree throw. The bolt diameter is an upsized .750 inch and is spiral fluted. It also features a reliable M16 extractor and plunger style ejector for consistently “shucking” spent brass. Standard and magnum bolt faces are available as are long and short actions.


Arguably the best feature of the AXIOM is the roller bearing on the tip of the cocking piece which gives it a solid and smooth feel. It makes the moving the 3 lugs an easier task. The DLC coating doesn’t hurt either. Lock up is tight and positive. Some may complain that the recoil lug isn’t integrated into the receiver. But keep in mind that the AXIOM was designed with the hunter in mind, though it can and will tackle tactical applications too. This is yet one feature that keeps the cost reasonable.




Other features include:

  • Tool-less firing pin removal
  • 25% more bolt lug surface area over standard 700 bolt
  • 4340 Steel bolt
  • Spiral fluted bolt
  • Standard 1/16th-inch barrel interface, 16 TPI thread pitch
  • Accepts AICS magazines
  • Bolt body/action tolerance of .004”

Price range for the AXIOM is $925.00 to $1775.That’s pretty good for such a nice receiver. And maybe most importantly, wait times are short. In fact, .308 bolt faces are available now. Unfortunately, a left-handed version is not available which stinks too, but it’s still an awesome receiver.

The BrassTacs has started a build with the AXIOM and we’re looking forward to seeing how well it performs. Hit up APR at 817-284-0034 or aprifles.com. You can also see the receiver on curtiscustom.com


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