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The term EDC; meaning Every Day Carry, as of late, a catch phrase that the industry uses to describe the articles used to defend, deter or simply get through life. Holsters being one of most center points of all EDC loadout, there are hundreds of “EDC” holsters out there, which one is for you? CrossBreeds supertuk stand on its own two feet cutting right to the chase. Without gimmicks and no theory based employment…just plain functionality.  What you have in your pockets, strapped to your belt, or on your person during your day to day no matter how exciting or mundane it may be; a comfortable holster is something that will set the precedent of how you remain prepared to defend yourself.


In any case, many of us have multiple sets of EDC gear. One for the gym, which is on an off body carry configuration; another, for casual activities such as going to the grocery store, getting the oil changed or attending your children’s activities; and others that are scaled down to be conducive to formal attire where cover is imperative. The holy grail of all “EDC” holsters is found somewhere in the middle…were on a quest to find it!

Finding a holster that is conducive for all of your daily needs can be arduous at times, the SuperTuk is the closest that we have found thus far

We took advantage of the opportunity to apply the same fundamentals that drove the concept for Crossbreed holsters to manufacture the supertuck holster system. We brought the SuperTuck into the mountains of Afghanistan to aid in our delivery of multiple training courses for deep cover and protective operations. We often see gear and equipment that [let’s face it] was designed and brought to market with CONUS operations being priority numero Uno yet somehow; combat operations seem to be the proving ground for validation. The Supertuk could easily fall into that category, and we fully accept the stigma of pushing the boundaries with bringing it to the forefront of the GWOT.

Before going further, we feel it necessary to tell you that CrossBreed products are not standard issue to indigenous forces here in the mountains but the Glock 19 is, and we have paired them up to incorporate into our day to day in austere environments. Throughout this article, we will do our best to blur the lines between “EDC” in permissive environments; used for defensive purposes and “EDC” in non-permissive environments where defense can and ultimately will turn offensive. We took a Gen II Glock 19, and threw on some simple modifications from Glockstore and ran them both through their paces both on the range and while moving around.


What It Is

We have run a few different Crossbreed products over the last couple of years; all from an EDC or deep cover standpoint. As many of you already know, the comfort experience in carrying lies within a 50/50 split between weapon and the mechanism you choose to carry. Yes, other variables should be considered, but before we put the cart before the proverbial horse, we are talking about the primary enablers with adequately defending yourself or in our case…someone else!

Drawing from a covered holster efficiently is not as easy as it sounds, you must train become effective at it


Every Crossbreed product that we have gotten our hands on, there is one constant. The simplistic approach to efficient holstering mechanisms; nowhere on a CB holster will you find over-engineered parts or gimmicks that can fail when seconds count. The SuperTuck holster that we chose as our latest test subject is made from three main components, absent of fancy add-ons. An oversized piece of genuine cowhide, hand molded and riveted Kydex pocket and clips to keep the holster in place.

Leather, Kydex and high strength rivets are what make up the SuperTuk, there is no substitute for simple and effective

The high-quality cowhide proves to be a consistent barrier between the Glock 19 (with extended controls and oversized sights) and my abdomen. For those who prefer a more aggressive (than factory) grip, the potential for chafing and wearing holes in a shirt is nonexistent as the “hot spots” of your pistol will be kept in check by the hide base. My initial thoughts for carrying a tactical style pistol in this holster were a bit pessimistic due to the overall surface area of the leather; without putting the holster on, I imagined restricted movement, and my draw stroke slowed. To my surprise, the leather is pliable out of the package and not stiff like I had imagined and found with other hybrid or fully leather holsters. As my rotation, outside of the capital city of Afghanistan trudged along, CrossBreeds genuine cowhide became softer and more lenient to bending and sitting in vehicles as well as running concealed drills on the range.


From a dollar and cent standpoint it would be easy [and arguably justifiable] for Crossbreed to assemble the holster with substandard hide, but with the SuperTuk, I equate the quality to a good Wilson A2K Baseball Glove. With all the sweat, rain, cold and other unpredictable environmental changes in Afghanistan this time of year I fully expected dye transfer or stiffening in the base of the holster…all of which remained Nonexistent.



Yes, I fully understand and accept the fact that someone out there will armchair quarterback me for bringing an “EDC Holster” to a place where a war has been being fought for almost two decades. Truth be told, the days of seeing how much you can strap to your body are over. The most common theme and has been for some time now is Stronger, lighter and faster. Efficient movement and close to perfect shot placement trump quantity nine times out of 10. Selecting the appropriate gear for the fight [or potential for] is obviously a crucial factor in this equation as well. Slim, lightweight plates and indigenous clothing are force multipliers these days. Though a fully modular Crye precision suite looks much cooler; S&S precisions minimalistic plate frame fits under a button-down shirt or man jams perfectly and is light years ahead of any “high pro” kit regarding practicality to current mission profiles.

In our mission set, blending in is what keeps the train on the tracks. A lot of the time we rely on friendly indigenous dudes to fight alongside us. Walking into a situation with the 2005 chip on the shoulder does nothing but escalate already shifty tensions. I would never approach anything unarmed or ill prepared to fight my way out or defend my team mates, on the other hand, we are not naive to think that there are still people that want us dead, so we stack the deck in our favor! The SuperTuk allowed me to carry without telegraphing to everyone that I had a pistol on me.

Drawing from the SuperTuk was an acquired taste at first while on the clock. Throughout our testing, we pulled from an entirely covered gun with body armor. Once we worked through the typical snags, readjusting the holsters position, sub one second shots from the holster came consistently and effortlessly. 1st round shots from the SuperTuk averaged just over .60 with splits dancing around 1.12 on reloads. The 3 lb. Pyramid trigger, extended mag release and mag well from Glockstore undoubtedly aided in the smooth trigger pull and efficient reloads. Driving Trijicon’s HDXR front sight into the center of the IPSC target was unmistakable.


As gun people, we know (or should know) that the differences between practical and tactical are usually opposite. When training with an AIWB holster platform such as CrossBreeds SuperTuk, throw tactical out the window…run drills that are conducive to your everyday activities. Don’t “game” the drills and uncover your pistol before reaching for the gun like many people do. Anticipating a shot holds no training value and some can make the argument that you are developing training scars in doing so.  Start dry and pick a trigger word on the T.V, once you hear it, uncover, draw, drive your front sight into a target and squeeze the trigger. Manually reset your trigger, holster, cover up your pistol and wait for the trigger word again. Repeat this sequence until you either A). Get told to go somewhere else or B). Are confident in your ability to draw and squeeze the trigger fortuitously, absent preparatory commands or anticipation.

Holstering into an AIWB can be disastrous if done carelessly. The SuperTuk maintains its form throughout your entire draw/holstering process

Once you feel confident with your draw times, smooth manipulation and efficient follow-through, load up and head to the range to do much of the same live fire. Set a random delay time on your shot timer and wait for the beep. We have found setting attainable goals for splits on realistic targets helps in managing your expectations and getting faster and more accurate when it counts. We typically use the TQ-15 or cardboard IPSC’s from Law Enforcement Targets. Both have clear and applicable hit zones.


Follow Through

Before you go out and buy a CrossBreed holster, there are a few other points that we want to make clear. There is a level of perspective that must be gained and maintained when talking about any AIWB holster. Having a pistol planted to the single largest fulcrum point on the human body is restricting, regardless of how it is made. Every firearm short of a Derringer will poke, prod and limit movement if you choose to carry in this profile, you as the end user must take the necessary steps to either work through or just come to grips with whatever does not appear to be natural.


Next, regardless of gender, having the muzzle of a loaded firearm pointed at the goods is unnatural, and could be dangerous if you don’t train properly. The SuperTuk adequate trigger coverage but if the end user develops bad habits such as holstering with their finger on the trigger, the outcome could be a messy one. On the position topic…, specific we cannot be clearer in saying that, training must occur before you expect to be productive with your holster/pistol combo. Fumbling with your pistol out of an unfamiliar holster when you need it can be fatal.

Last, manage your expectations…do not expect to be as efficient and effective as you are with an OWB holster. You are comparing apples to oranges. After you buy your CrossBreed and put it in your belt; carry it daily, shoot from it often and train with it consistently. We would venture to suggest reaching out to Follow Through Consulting to see if they offer courses that concentrate on specific carry platforms/profiles; the amount of money you spend will be nominal to the alternative of making a detrimental (yet avoidable) mistake. Before you take to social media and bash a company for a product that doesn’t fit your needs, train with it, and then make your assessment.


The BrassTacs

Once you go to CrossBreeds website, you will find that there is a holster for just about every pistol out there. Notably, you can choose between all the most common semi-auto and striker fired guns in the quick ship option. Again, Crossbreed hand molds the Kydex per pistol, so if you are in no hurry to get your holster, selecting the deluxe model SuperTuk will allow for lasers and increases the gun selection to virtually every modern pistol on the market.


CrossBreed is so confident with their product that they offer their customers a 2-week money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your holster, you can send it back to CrossBreed within 14 days for a full monetary refund. Chances are you will hold on to whichever holster you choose, and carry it everywhere. Should it fail due to ordinary wear and tear, send it in and expect a full replacement in no time flat…this is for the life of the holster too, there are no hidden bi-lines or circumstances.


This trip overseas wielding the SuperTuk has made a believer out us in the AIWB platform. Will we carry and train from other holsters, sure, but for comfort and conduciveness the SuperTuk is at the top of the heap for the time being!


CrossBreed SuperTuk (Quick Ship) AIWB Vital Stats

Type Appendix – Inside the Waist Band
Material Cowhide/Kydex Hybrid
Adjustability Ride Height/Cant
Color Dyed Black, Natural horsehide
Demensions 7×1.25×8.5 Inches
Weight 6.6 oz
Average Draw Time .60 first round engagements
Profile Tucked/Untucked cover garment
MSRP $69.75
Manufacturer CrossBreed

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Scott brings almost 20 years of tactical operations and training. After honorably serving one term at 1st FAST Company in the Marines, he was not finished serving the country that he loves. Over a span of 14 years, Scott provided protective operations to diplomats, and US Presidents visiting the GWOT hot spots. He then took his expertise to train and mentor Afghan SOF teams in precision marksmanship, protective operations, and close quarters battle. Between and while deployed, he contributed for various print magazines in the firearms industry such as various titles for Guns and Ammo Book Of The AR15, AK47, Combat Arms and Pistol Magazines. Scott is the Co-founder of The BrassTacs Media and Rate of Fire Digital along with industry heavy hitter Sean Utley.

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  1. My brother in law recommended the crossbreed. I like that it’s hand made, otherwise, the price and comfort are NOT there. I wore mine for about 6 months before I found alien gear. I started the aliengear cloak tux 2.0. Much more comfortable! And since, the last 3 years I’ve been wearing the aliengear cloak tux 3.0… it’s so comfortable that even when my firearm(g19) is holstered, I forget I’m even wearing it. I can run around the yard with my son, do yard work, work on my vehicle, you name it. I forget it’s there till it’s time to disarm for the day. Cheaper than crossbreed, more comfortable, faster shipping, above and beyond customer service and lifetime warranty.. for $50. Unbeatable in my opinion.

    1. Post

      CF! Thank you for checking us out! We most definitely appreciate your perspective. We will look into the Alien gear cloak tux 3.0 for another EDC holster to review, thank you for that! Finding the perfect balance between comfort and practicality seems to be a constant struggle in the world of concealing, carrying and confronting! There are tons of quality companies out there churning out some pretty bad ass gear, we will try to cover as many of them as humanly possible!

      Stay Tuned for more articles and reviews!


  2. Scott,

    Great read. Last summer I had the chance to train with one. I loved it. I could not agree more with you.

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