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A slogan commonly used by minigun enthusiasts…for those who have experienced the 6k round per minute war machine…the words ring as true as all 6 barrels spin! For the 2nd year in a row, Shooters Gauntlet is hosting a weekend of cyclic rates, live fire nature walks, suppressor shooting, long distance (1100 yards) plinking and a myriad of other 2A heritage driven activities.  We will be there to capture the experience, pass on some of our own, and support businesses that are converging on Stone Mountain for the Northeast’s largest machine gun shoot!


Shooters Gauntlet was started by Bob Raimo, A retired Marine Officer with a plethora of experience validating his business decision to open the largest and diverse shooting facilities in PA. As any good Officer would do, he took his leadership from the Corps and applied it to his business, employing other combat veterans and subject matter experts in the world of the gun. Shooter Gauntlet offers everything from static ranges to dynamic firearms manipulation, 1100 yard KD, suppressor designated ranges, live fire assault hikes, inversion tables and finally, a live fire zip line! Think of the 1000 acre plot in the mountains; a “Camelot” for pro 2A, and red-blooded Americans!


SG is not stopping at just offering a place for people like us to shoot, they are taking it one step further in enabling shooters to experience weapon systems that are not readily available to purchase; BELT FEDS!!! In fact, they have carved out an entire weekend for them…on top of everything else that their facility offers; attendees will enjoy an ATF sanctioned gun show with other exhibitors displaying and selling their products.


Machine Gunners: The event will host more than 20 privately owned machine guns all lined up, and ripping belts of ammo into reactive targets. Attendees will have plenty of opportunities to experience a belt fed machine gun throughout the weekend. So far, the guns that will be shaking the ground and available to shoot are:

20mm Oerlikon

M2HBBrowning 1919

Browning 1919 A4


M16 9mm, Sub Gun


Lewis Gun


M1 Carbine

HK Model 51



SCAR16, full auto


Gucci Sniper: How many times have you shot past a few hundred yards? The BrassTacs sponsored 1100-yard range will be wide open for you to test out your precision rifle shooting abilities. SG will have their staff readily available to answer questions and demonstrate vital tools necessary to be effective when everything but fundamentals is necessary to be effective with scoped rifles. There may be some exhibition type competitions for attendees to compete for small swag bag prizes depending on range availability and interest.



Assault Through: One of the most exciting aspects of the entire weekend will repeatedly be assaulting through the objective at Shooters Gauntlet live fire nature hike. WE ALL can get stuck in the rut of standing in one place and plink stationary targets absent shooting, moving and communicating, the three ingredients to winning gunfights. SG has set up a fully functional, practical and SAFE nature hike with targets strategically placed throughout for you to engage. Other than being the most fun someone can have with their clothes on, going on this nature hike may spark interest in expanding your training horizons past the static punching holes in paper!


Unorthodox: SG is all about shooter experience; which is precisely why inversion tables and zip lines are available to shoot from while at the Stone Mountain outdoor utopia of guns and more! Part of becoming a better shooter is to evolve past “the way we have always done it.” Put yourself in uncomfortable positions that do not breed safety issues, put others in danger. Moving in unnaturally (such as being suspended from a zip line) while shooting targets, or hanging upside down from an inversion table will put you in those positions.


Buy, Sell, Trade and Relax: Aside from the endless live fire shooting activities, the extravaganza on Stone Mountain will have an ATF sanctioned gun show. Licensed dealers, manufacturers and collectors alike will have their products on display for attendees to purchase, so long as laws are not broken. The Shooters Gauntlet has opened exhibitor sponsorships to have various sized booths also to showcase products and services. After you have experienced the Machine guns, sniper stuff, assaulter tactics after you have hung upside down and rang steel with pistols; food and refreshments will be available.


Further Than Business

Shooters Gauntlet is very pro veteran, as a matter of fact part of their mission is to help empower our warfighters to transition back into the civilian world by exploiting the skills and vocational abilities learned applied while wearing the uniform. Portions of the event taking place on June 3 &4 will go directly to organizations that place veterans into positions where they are not underemployed, as commonly seen in the recent past.


Bob and the entire staff at Shooters Gauntlet take personal stake in giving back to all the respective communities and sub cultures within veteran’s spaces, the machine gun shoot is no different. They have put their money where their mouths are and offered a 20% discount on weekend passes to the event to anyone who is active, retired or a veteran of the US Armed Services. Upon check out just use the discount code VETERAN and your ticket price will reflect!


How Do You Get On Board?

Easy…Just ask! If you have products or services that you would like to feature at the shoot, you can send us an email at info@thebrasstacs.com or send @shootersgauntlet a private message on their social media outlets. Prices are very reasonable for the magnitude of the event…No, it is not an NSSF SHOT show or NRA annual meetings. The machine gun shoot is a weekend for like-minded Americans to blow stuff up and get to know each other.

We are giving away 20 free weekend passes! You can win yours by simply liking, sharing and tagging us and Shooters Gauntlet throughout your social media pages using #WallOfLead as the official hashtag of the event. You can go above and beyond and win some BrassTacs swag and an opportunity to shoot with us at the event by posting a picture of you shooting a belt fed, and tagging us, using the same hashtag.

See you June 3rd and 4th .


Stone Mountain Pertinent information

Date June 3rd and 4th
Time 1000 – 1700
Exhibitor Cost $175/table
General Admission/Attendee $40/Day Pass

$25/Weekend Pass

Kids (13 and under) FREE
Ordering Info The Shooters Gauntlet 


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