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Everyone from our walk of life is always itching to see the latest and greatest gadgets hitting the market. We got an up close and personal look at a few bad ass products from American Built Arms, Proof Research, Gorilla Ammunition and a couple other manufactures. Guardian Corporation could not have done a better job hosting the event. The Veteran owned small business; located in Charles City, Virginia, which is just a short hike from Williamsburg, Richmond or the popular Virginia Beach neighborhoods.

To set the precedence, the location at Guardian Corp is a new and upcoming lifestyle resort and range facility. Designed and built by a distinguished Veteran and certified bad ass David Barglof. A GWOT veteran, David put his leadership, vision and no quit attitude to work after being medically retired from the Army. Entrepreneurship was his only option so he did what us veterans do; we make shit happen! MidAtlantic Enterprises Inc was his first project which has proved to be a major success in the construction industry. Staying true to his roots and passion, the concept of Guardian Corp. soon came to fruition. This is a story all in its own, The BrassTacs will be following David’s progress and giving you periodic updates of this incredible outdoor/tactical lifestyle facility. For this specific event Mr. Barglof set up two firing lanes for us, one; 300 yards and another stretching to 600 yards. Guardian Corp. will definitely be a force multiplier for those of us that want to go off grid for a weekend to be around like minded people in the industry.

The MOD X chassis accommodates a Remington 700 or Howa short actions nicely

More to follow.

American Built Arms Company was represented by Adam Edelman and a group of other hard working veterans. AB Arms is also Veteran Owned small business specializing in firearms and small parts manufacturer. This should go without being said; however, as depicted in the name of their company every part made is done so right here in the US. They manufacture over-engineered parts for many well-known industry leaders, which is how they essentially got their start. AB Arms showcased their new MOD X Gen III rifle and chassis system. What better barrel to throw on such an accurate chassis than Proof Research, turning AB Arms’ Mod X with the Remington 700 action a quintessential tack driver. AB Arms newest chassis is a full functioning housing to install on the Remington 700 or Howa style short action of your choice. It is aluminum that is coated with a Mil – Spec hard coat anodizing which makes it durable as hell! The end user has the option for a built in 0 or 20 MOA scope mount rail and keymod 13.5” free-floating forearm. It accepts MDT and AICS style magazines in the popular .223 and .308 calibers. The chassis can be loaded up with all sorts of custom goodies to include the AR stock of your choice, folding stock option, AR pistol grip and various keymod accessories. AB Arms threw Dead Air Armament Sandman-S suppressor on the front…because they know that shooting suppressed does not suck, especially when Dead Air Silencers are involved.

The Technology behind carbon wrap of Proof Research barrels is yet to be matched by any other company in the industry

Proof Research was in attendance represented by John Clements and Scott Cambel. They were showing off their carbon fiber barrels on the American Built rifles. They once again proved their superior performance and lightweight engineering capabilities at this event. In typical Proof fashion, there was little explanation needed on their products. Just as the name suggests your shot placement (so long as you don’t suck) is Proof that your impacts are “straight outta carbon”. For those that have not had the opportunity to shoot through a Proof Barrel; I recommend it. The reduction in weight and superb accuracy will have you questioning all other barrels ever made. Between the board of directors, employees and most of the behind the scenes guys, next to the engineering behind the product, veterans are a huge part of what makes Proof what it is. Some of our good friends are over at Proof, to start the process of getting your own barrel, tell them that BRCC and The BrassTacs sent you over and you’ll be taken care

Gorilla Ammunition supplied all the ammunition to feed the AB Arms rifles. They represented the event with  Match, SilverBack Self Defense, and Subsonic Ammo. Gorilla has a quality control department that is second to none that work tirelessly to spot check numerous rounds per lot to insure only the best get packaged. Being a bullet enthusiast myself I can appreciate the full range ballistics laboratory that ensures Gorillas ammo is performing as the company says it will. The lab is one of many aspects that sets Gorilla apart from most ammo manufacturers. All of Gorilla’s match ammunition is loaded precisely with Sierra Match King projectiles and are available in all popular bullet weights. Gorilla doesn’t stop at match or precision ammo, they have other “general use” loads as well. After a brief introduction on the product, we ripped open Gorillas Silverback .45 acp which is from Gorillas defense lab. The subsonic defense ammo had perfect expansion and penetration every time we shot into blocks of ballistic gel. The 5 petals that expanded upon impact create one hell of a wound channel and is sure to stop a shit head dead in his tracks if he decided to bark up the wrong tree. To learn more about Gorillas ballistics lab and what their products bring to the table.

Gorillas Silverback defense ammo has perfect expansion and no over penetration

Oakwood controls offers a solution to precision shooting and training at long distances. The system is plug and play…It will save your legs too!

Oakwood Controls represented by Troy Young, brought along their state of the art H-Bar portable electronic target system. It was hotter than FUCK the day of the event and I was not looking forward to walking up and down a range to check targets…. Oakwood Controls made sure that we spent more time shooting than walking! The H bar is a rugged target system that uses acoustic and temperature sensors along with other cutting edge technology packaged in one housing to detect hits and misses in a designated scoring area. The bullet information is instantly displayed to the shooter on a Toughbook computer screen, giving the shooter immediate gratification and make the necessary adjustments to whichever optic he or she is looking through. The H bar system is fairly user friendly and can be set up and torn down in a matter of minutes. If anything; there is more information than the average shooter “needs” or wants. The bullet porn displayed on the H Bar is available to us bullet heads.

Erick Navarro, President/CEO, of Breakthrough Clean Technologies comes in. Erick brought enough cleaning supplies to keep us and the AB Arms guns functional all day! The Battle Born High Purity Oil truly is a breakthrough (Clich’e I know). Its high quality, synthetic, multi-service lubricant and protectant can operate between -90 and 417 deg F, and is safe on all metal, plastic and polymer parts. It’s also non-flammable, non-toxic, low odor, and get this, non-staining! No more grease spots on your $450 tacti-cool guy range pants (that is the 13 years of contracting coming out in me)! I do not want to bore you with the technical mumbo jumbo… If you don’t remember anything remember this about Breakthroughs product, it is safe on any surface. Something that other solvent/cleaning companies cannot say!

All the non staining, odor free lube is all packed into a cleaning kit so you can stuff it in your range bag and use as needed

American Built Arms and Guardian Corp put together one hell of an event with all the right components. Every company involved were more than accommodating yet remained professional and very informative!


The guns – Bad Ass

Barrels – Amazingly Accurate

Ammunition – Consistent and accurate

Targetry – Accommodating for us precision guys

Lube – FOUL proof! (you see what I did there)?

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