Actions and Consequence

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You can get angry with flag desecration if you wish, but those who rest in coffins with the same once flag draped over them, swore and oath to protect and defend the constitution of The United States of America and everything our country represents, our Flag is part of the representation. The constitution that protects the right to burn or otherwise desecrate this flag. Yes, it is nothing but a symbol that represents an idea and to prevent desecration undermines that idea more than the act ever could.

God and Country two of the pillars that our country was founded on

To some, it’s a symbol. But to most, our flag is more than a symbol. It’s a denotation of self-sacrifice and service, representing the oath that everyone who have worn a uniform swore to. The Flag is a common bond between all services, ranks, law enforcement agencies, and first responders. When a man or woman places that flag on their uniform, they are reaffirming their oath to serve the people and ideals of the United States of America and those serving to their left and right.

We all know someone who has perished while wearing this oath on their shoulder. When a group or individual chooses to desecrate the Flag, they are making a statement that their individual beliefs are more important than anyone representing the Flag. They insult the sacrifices of those who have served underneath it, and finally, they piss on the graves of our brothers, sisters, and family who have died while serving. Yet jump the opportunity to boast about their patriotism because they know someone who has served.

Twenty-One years I have given to my country, and I wouldn’t change anything for the world. This is virtually nothing, compared to those who have had our flag draped across their coffins, because of their selfless service to the greatest nation on earth. More importantly, the families who now, must learn to live without them. I don’t choose to be consumed when I see my Flag disrespected although I don’t fault those who do. It is a righteous anger in defense of those who can no longer speak for themselves; to defend the defenseless. This is one of the ideals our flag represents.

I do not always agree with the policies of our leaders, but I will always serve our country and its people long after I take off the uniform. I believe part of service is protecting the symbol, and honor those who have worn, and who wear it. Thus, desecrating our flag could be hazardous to your health. An individual who stomps on or burns the very symbol of this country is a blatant disrespect and ultimately suggest they are self-identifying as enemies of the United States of America. Other patriots and I have taken oaths to defend our great nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and we reserve the right to act accordingly. Actions can in fact have consequence.
It is grotesque to me that so many, to choose desecrate our flag, then run and cover up underneath the blanket of freedom that it provides.

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